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How to earn Ethereum

We present you a very easy game with which you can earn a lot of ethereum. Is about In The Middle ÐApp, a game for three. Who wins? The middle player.

Free ethereum

Actually, it's not like you're going to get free ethereum. It is a game and as a game it has some risk. The interesting thing about this game is that you do not bet against the house and that, in addition, you do not depend on chance. It is about three people playing and one of them is going to win. And if you are a little smart (and we know you are) you will be able to overcome the other players and get a good loot. Do you want a clue? All ethereum transactions are public.

Etherscan: the secret to win ether

Etherscan (a.k.a. eth scan) is the platform that allows you to consult all ethereum transactions. In addition, each smart contract has its page within Etherscan. A smart contract is the program or public contract of an ÐApp. On the page of a smart contract you can check the latest transactions that have been made for said contract. Here is the page for the smart contract from In The Middle. In it you can view all player bets (including current round bets). And I'm not saying more ... Will you know how to take advantage of this information?

How to get ethereum

If you want to know the instructions and see how to win ether with this simple and easy game for three, go to In The Middle ÐApp. Invite your friends! The more people play the more ethereum you can win. Note: you will need the MetaMask plugin to be able to play.